February 1, 2019

Samuel of Smashing Pillars, Int comes to shares Old Testament knowledge about the relationship between the covenant that was modified when Jesus went to the cross. He shares insight into covenant meaning and the symbolism of the various types covenants seen in both the...

Wisdom: The Greek term is "sophia". It means to have keen insight into the true nature of things. It is more on the theory side of knowing. Perhaps a good example is the ability to see through the sales pitch of a con artist, or a clever politician. Sophia also means s...

Understanding: the Greek word is "phronesis". It refers to good judgment, or the skill to govern our life in a careful, successful manner. It is to be able to figure out the best decisions that will lead to the best results for our life. 

Psalm 119
130 The unfolding of...

Knowledge: Greek word is "gnosis". This is the accumulation of information or facts about a certain object or thing. 

There are numerous meanings for the terms we are dealing with but for the sake of clarity and explanation we will only use these. What does God have to...

February 5, 2017

As we continue to grow in the Lord and His Word there are a few things we need to remember. This Earth is Gods responsibility, we may have authority given by Jesus but at the end of the day, Jesus owns the ball and the game as well.

Proverbs 3: 5-6
5 Trust in the Lord w...

The relationship between the Nous (mind) and the Christian

What effect has this nous on the Christian life, work, service, walk and so forth? It is an undeniable fact that all who believes in the Lord Jesus have a new spirit and a new heart. However weak or strong the b...

The Way to Self-Knowledge

          Not only does the bible not contain any command for introspection, but in addition our own experience tells us how impossible introspection is. As far as spiritual life is concerned, introspection is very harmful. It may produce one...

Knowing God in Prayer and In His Will

Let us continue to probe into the matter of how to know God. We need to learn to deal with Him as well as being dealt with by Him. In other word have transactions with Him. Earlier we only mentioned how to deal with God, but that al...

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The gospel is a rhythm of give and take not in the doctrine of the bible but the application of it. See everybody sees scripture a little different th...

Moving To The Rhythm of The Gospel of Christ

March 22, 2020

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May 27, 2020

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