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By The Book #15: Glory to Glory

February 1, 2017

Why did God not declare Himself as the God of Adam when He spoke to Moses? Because, He is the God of the seed of faith, not the God of the seed of flesh.


What is meant by resurrection? It means the natural has passed away and the supernatural has come.


The most basic sin, according to the word of God, is unbelief. This is the root of all sin. How sad that we pay so little attention to the one sin the bible emphasizes the most.


Today, people look at many fragmentary sin instead of the root of sin. In doing so, they overturn the work of Christ and pursue psychological salvation, which is merely a moral improvement and change of lifestyle but not the receiving of life itself.


To be baptizes means that one has come out of all the things of the world; it means that one has come out of Adam? Yet how can we come out of the world and Adam?  The only way is to die. And once dead, all is finished. To be buried in baptism is to write the final page in a man’s old biography. Death is not the last thing, but burial by baptism is—it is the final act and it concludes everything that is in Adam.


From God’s view, the shed blood of Jesus on the cross has completely solved the sin problem of the world. But from humanities standpoint, man still needs to add one ingredient—faith.


Just as the beginning of salvation is by grace, so the keeping of salvation is likewise by grace. The condition for obtaining salvation is the same as the condition for preserving salvation.


We should know what baptism truly expresses before we are ever baptized. We should know that baptism is stating: that we are not only saved but we are delivered from the world. Baptism is the act that declares to the entire world that we are no longer joined to it. Why? Because we have been emancipated from it.


Baptism is turning our backs on the world and turning our faces towards Christ. And between the two—between the world and Christ—there is no middle ground. (Matt. 6:24)


We think often of how we may change this world. However, God’s intent is not to change this world, but to judge this world, and then give us a new one.


The problem with many Christians today is that they have sprinkled the blood of the Lamb on their doorposts and lintel, but they have not sat down to eat the flesh of the lamb (Exod. 12: 7-8).  Hence, they have been delivered from the penalty of sin, but not from the bondage of the world (Egypt). Our understanding of this should be clear: for one to have deliverance from sin in a daily, practical way, it is required that he eat the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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