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By The Book #22: Why Does The Lord Want To Deal With Me Anyways?

Weather we are aware of it or now the Lords goal is to break our outer man (soul). So we are the treasure in the earthen vessel, but if the earthen vessel is not broken, who can see the treasure within? What is the final objective of the lord working in our lives? It is to break the earthen vessel.  The Lord longs to bless the world thru those who belong to Him. Brokenness is the way of blessing, the way of fragrance, the way of fruitfulness, but it is also a path sprinkled with blood. Yes, there is blood from many ruins. When we offer ourselves to the Lord to be at His service, we cannot afford to be lenient, to spare ourselves. We must allow the Lord to utterly crack our outward man, So that He may find a way for His outworking. Each of us must find out for himself what the mind of the Lord in his life is. It is a most troubling fact that many do not know what is the mind or intention for the Lord for their lives. How much they need for Him to open their eyes, to see that everything that comes into their lives can be meaningful. The Lord has not wasted even one thing. To understand the Lords purpose, is to see very clearly that He is aiming at a single objective: the breaking of the outward man.


However, too many, even before the Lord raises His hand, are already upset. Oh, we must realize that all of the experiences, troubles and trials which the Lord sends us are for our highest good.  We cannot expect the Lord to give better things, for these are His best. Should one approach the Lord and pray, saying, “O Lord, please let me choose the best,” I believe He would tell him, “What I have given you is the best; your daily trials are for your greatest profit.” So the motive behind all the orderings of god is to break our outward man. Once this occurs and the spirit can come forth, we begin to be able to exercise our spirit.


The timing of brokenness
The Lord employs two different ways to break our outward man; one is gradual, and the other suddenly. With some the Lord gives a sudden breaking followed by a gradual one and with others, the Lord arranges constant daily trials, until one day He brings about a major breaking. The timing is in His hand. We cannot shorten the time but we can prolong it. In some lives the Lord is able to accomplish His work after a few years of dealing; in others it is evident that after ten or twenty years it is still unfinished. If your goal is to serve God with your life, you must consecrate yourself to Him.


The one who gives himself to the Lord must accept the consecration:
Lord I offer myself without condition, without reservation, into Your hands. Lord, I delight to offer myself to you and I am willing to let you have Your full way in my life.


Two reasons for not being broken

Why is it that after many years of dealing some remain the same? Some individuals have a forceful will; some have strong emotions; and others have a strong mind. Since the Lord is able to break these, why is it that after many years some are still unchanged? We believe there are two main reasons.


First, many that live in darkness and not seeing the hand of God, while God is working, while God is breaking, they do not recognize that it is from Him. They are devoid of light, seeing only men opposing them. They imagine their environment is just too difficult, that circumstances are to blame. So they continue in darkness and despair.


May God give us a revelation to see what is from His hand, so we may kneel before Him and say Lord, this is from you and I accept? We must recognize whose hand it is that deals with us. We must have this light to see that whatever the Lord has done, we accept and believe.


Second, another great hindrance to the breaking of the outer man is self-love. We must ask God to take away the heart of self-love. As He deals with us in response to our prayer, we should worship and say, “O Lord if this is your hand, let me accept it from my heart.” Let us remember that the one reason for all the misunderstanding, all fretfulness, all discontent, is that we secretly love ourselves. Thus we plan a way whereby we can deliver ourselves. Many times problems arise due to our seeking a way of escape—an escape from the workings of the cross.


Stubbornness and self-love give way to beauty in the one who has been broken by God.


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