Sunday Will Never Be The Same Again

Why Are We Here?

Here it is, Sunday, we are gathered here together in the Church, but why? What is it that we have come to find? What are we looking for that has brought us out of our homes? For many of us, this is our only day we get to rest and relax. Why would we spend this precious time here?

The Search For God We come here in search of God. The search can manifest differently for each of us. Some come for teaching, some for the experience, some come for friends, some come for prayer and duty, some come for tradition, and some come for the presence of God. All these reasons are accepted by God and credited to your account as such.

Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? What roll do I play in this scenario? My purpose is to lead you to salvation in Jesus Christ. To teach you what God expects from you and equip you for your journey. This also includes helping you find the vision or direction for your life and teach you the specific things you will need to accomplish this. No two journeys are exactly the same; the “giftings” and training for your specific purpose are designed just for you. Now it looks like we all learn the same things every week but that is not the case. If you were to ask everyone what they got out of any teaching and how it inspired them, the answers would vary.

What Role Do I Play?

I, Howard, am a pastor by position with the associated authority and anointing, but I also can release various prophetic giftings and healing. I am called to be a prophetic voice and healing is what I asked for from the beginning. Just so you know all the “Gifts of the Spirit” are within you, but they need to be activated or released from you, stirred up the bible says. There are different ways this occurs.

Where Do We Go From Here?

You all know the path to salvation: asking Jesus into our hearts, for forgiveness of sins, and believing Jesus is the only begotten Son of our heavenly Father God, who died for our sins and was raised for the dead and lives today. Where we go from this point is where we will wind up at the end of our life’s journey. Things you need to know and discover along the path are as follows: ~ How to read the Bible and pray effectively ~ Be filled “By the Holy Spirit” and know how to be led by Him ~ You must find out what Jesus means by come follow Me or carry your cross daily These descriptions do not seem hard to follow. The truth is, they will take you the rest of your life. If you miss or pass over any of the gifts or steps you will not discover who you can be.

Find God's Heading

Here it gets challenging: All of us have problems in our personalities, thinking, education, or situations we were brought up in. How do we navigate through the parts of us that conflict with God’s path? This is where I think the Christian journey actually begins. What comes out of your mouth is who you will be regardless of anything above; what your lips sow, you will live with. In order to be the master of your words, you must give your heart to God. For whatever is in your heart will come out your mouth. Do not lie to yourself. Do not tell yourself you are okay when you are not. This is destructive and it is not speaking in faith.

How Do I Deal With Me?

How do I deal with me? Have an honest talk with God; tell Him all about your loves, dislikes, issues, successes, and failures. Even tell Him all your sins that you struggle with. This is the best place to deal with your stuff as there is no one to condemn you. You must get it out of you and give it to God.

Practice Makes Perfect

This process gets easier after a little practice. It also helps you begin to communicate with God. In this environment, there is no pressure because I am not waiting for God to answer, I am just talking to Him. As you continue to do this day after day, week after week, you will become comfortable with just talking and talking openly with God. This is amazing therapy (think about going to a doctor that does not charge and who can actually help you). All the while, God is moving in your life fixing things and you are becoming comfortable talking to your new best friend. Getting good at this is the secret to success. God will heal your heart, your mind, and your life without you even noticing. All of a sudden you will realize you are changed and the thing you could not let go of is not even around anymore.

Why Do You Smile So Much?

The next problem you face is smiling. You will simply not be able to stop smiling. The joy of the Lord is uncontainable. It just spills out and as hard as you try to keep a straight face, you just cannot keep joy contained. When you take humans and empty them of problems and fear and fill them with blessings, trust in God, and unlimited hope, all that is left is smiling. Knowing God like this is easy, it just takes time. The more time you put in the sooner you get there.

Confession Not Complaining

Relationship with God requires that you get in the habit of spilling your guts to God, so He can heal you. Remember, this is confession not complaining. Although they appear similar, the conversation’s purpose is for healing, wisdom, and understanding. It will change you forever and you become contagious to those around you; they will catch it also. This is where Matthew 6:25-34 takes over and God takes care of you forever.

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