Activating The Flow with Andrea "Andy" McDougal

Welcome Andrea "Andy" McDougal

Andrea “Andy” McDougal is a revivalist who walks in the office of a prophet.

She is a carrier of God's glory, and many signs and wonders mark her ministry and are present in her meetings. The Lord confirms His Word with tangible manifestations of His glory as she ministers, and the windows of Heaven are opened over her. Her prophetic mantle is very powerful and precise in the preaching of the Word and in personal prophecy. Many are healed, saved and delivered as she travels throughout the world, ministering in churches, conferences, retreats and other special meetings to people of every denominational stripe, and those who are blessed to sit under her ministry are lifted to new spiritual heights.

Agenda At-A-Glance

10/24/2019 6:30 PM Intercessory Prayer

Pray in what the Spirit wants to release

10/25/2019 6:30 PM Releasing the Spirit

Release what was received

10/26/2019 1:00 PM Andy McDougal

Activating the flow of the Spirit

Followed by Personal Prophetic words

for those attending Thursday or Friday

(By Tom & Nancy Long, Howard Jackson and Andy McDougal)

Caleb’s Foot (Pastors Tom & Nancy Long)

614 Summer Trace Ln, Richmond, TX. 77406 (Residence)

Limited space. No children that require supervision

(817) 310-3531

Andy will also be ministering on 10/27/2019 at

Our Fellowship Christian Church (Pastor Howard Jackson)

11224 Wilcrest Green Drive

Houston, TX 77042 Service begins at 10:00 AM

Agenda In-Detail

Thursday Intercession

•Testify to what the Spirit is doing

•I believe the Lord wants to do something special, but there are hindrances

•We believe what the Word says about Jesus, but not all that the Word says about us

•We will intercede on behalf of our communities, state and nation through repentance

•We will intercede on behalf of the church

•We will intercede for all those in authority

•We will intercede for Jerusalem

•Cry out for the Church to prepare the way

•Ask the Lord to visit us and pour out His Spirit

Friday Prophetic Release

•Testify to what the Spirit is doing

•Ask the Lord to visit us and pour out His Spirit

•Listen for His voice and leading of the Holy Spirit

•Declare and decree those things we receive

•Prepare a prophetic statement


Saturday Activation

•Andrea will be ministering on activating the flow

•Followed by personal prophetic words and prayer by the pastors


•All are expected to participate (no observers)

•There is no provision for children that require supervision

•Prophetic utterances will be subject to the pastors

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