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"Speak the Word until you become the Word."
- Pastor Howard
The History of Our Fellowship


Pastor Howard and his late wife, Karen Jackson, gave their heart, lives, and their all  to the service of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the past 32 years. Their life is a continual testimony to the promises that God has for all of us who love Him. Married 35 years strong, God blessed Howard and Karen with a beautiful and loving family.

In the late 80s, a small prayer group was established and continued to grow until it reached about 15 faithful members. The original host eventually stepped down and the group searched out new leadership. During this time of rebuilding it continued to grow and blossomed to almost 80 members under the leadership of Douglas Jackson. Although another obstacle confronted the faithful members with yet another difficulty; the meeting place was canceled which unfortunately ended the prayer group for a short time.

Howard and his late wife, Karen, later decided to take the group on and established the prayer group weekly in their home; this continued for approximately 10 years. With the success and move of God felt and seen with such a small prayer group, it was suggested we become an established church. After many confirmations and much coaxing, Howard and Karen were ordained and Our Fellowship Christian Church began in late 2004.

In September 2020, Pastor Howard re-married Rhonda Moore and stepped into this new era at Our Fellowship Christian Church.

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